Have a great weekend!


It always seems that around Easter life gets beyond crazy. You start preparing for summer, there’s multiple birthday parties and celebrations, mother’s & father’s day looms around the corner and it’s easy, for me especially, to get burnt out. So, we’re going to Bali! Chris and I are heading out this weekend for a vacation full of sun, delicious foods and gorgeous sites. Hope you have an escape planned for your weekend too.

A stairway to your heaven (at home)

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How I will workout at the gym from this day forward!!!

Super inspiring travel guide for Tulum

Photography tips I’m using for our trip! 1 / 2

Best wishes & safe travels!


Have a delightful, sunny weekend!


First of all want to apologize for the lack of posts lately! Chris & I are off to Naramata, BC this weekend to relax in the Lock & Worth Winery with friends and family, and of course the dogs. Should be a great weekend to relax [much needed relaxation]. Here are some nick-nacks for you checkout.

Lock & Worth Winery — checkout the man behind the delicious label

Get your taxes in! Cheap software to get it done.

I’ve dressed my tech today! Thanks D E S I G N L O V E F E S T

Simple guide for self manicure — boy do I need one!

Love the pun of this title & post — can’t take that all to Bali!

PIZZZAAA, or a way to eat pizza without the calories & grease of pizza.

Want to refinish some furniture? here are some basics.

Step one for getting back to a healthy life.

How adorable are these Birthday Cards!

Best wishes


The inevitable Apr. 8th

Truth be told, today has been a day that I’ve been anticipating for months. After studying religiously for the GMAT, spending hundreds of dollars on preparation and countless hours on applications, I’ve found out that this year is not my year to begin my MBA journey. 

I’ve been dinged by two of the top schools in the world and you know what? That’s totally fine! We can’t always get what we want the first time around and by no means is this discouraging me from my goal. It’s time to take some R&R, sit down and plan out the upcoming year. 

I am very excited to stay in Vancouver for another year. So many adventures to come!!




Thrifty Thursday

Every weekend I find myself hunting garage sales, going to estate sales or checking out a local flea market. Finding cheap, unique and vintage items is such a thrill! Here are some cute things from an Estate sale Chris & I went to last weekend during his Birthday Scavenger Hunt (stay tuned for post) in Tsawwassen, BC.


Easy Easter DIY Garland

Thanks to Chris’ handiwork on the fireplace renovation (post coming soon), we’ve been spending a lot of time sitting by the fire. We read our books, prep blog posts and scroll the world wide web together. As the fireplace is designed with grayscale, I like to add colours! A nice pop of colour always cheers up the room. So I came up with a quick, thrifty, garland to prep the house for easter.


All you need is about two dozen plastic easter eggs (one’s that open up will be easier), spool of string, a hammer and a large nail.


I decided to use the mint, light blue and pale yellow for my garland.


Use the large nail and hammer to poke holes on either side of the egg. I decided to poke holes in the top and bottom, but you could also do diagonally or along the sides.


I then used the string to link the eggs together in a row. I had to open up each egg during this step to make the threading a lot faster.


Once all the eggs were stringed along, I pushed them in about two feet from the end of the string. Then quick as a wink, I tied them up to the mantle (may have used the 25 cent easter bunny for help), centred the eggs, and Ta-Da!!!

I am loving this bright garland on top of the fireplace. Stay tuned for more DIYs in the future. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Celebrating this weekend!

Tosh & the ball

What are your plans for this weekend? We are celebrating Chris’ birthday. He better look out for surprises around every corner – stay tuned!! Here’s a round-up of some interesting links that may catch your eye.

Here’s a birthday banner I wish I had time to make
The cocktail I will definitely have time to mix
The cake Chris & I shall devour
Loving the Pet Madness on Apartment Therapy this week!
My decor love of Polka dots
Love the bathroom – House Tour!
Chic Dog beds… Would Lola & Bea even use them?
Sunday’s post-party movie list
Mint Mocha Shake Recipe!
Tuquoise Shower Oasis
Not your average bar cart! Proof that the ‘free’ section on Craigslist can make your dreams come true.
Cheers & best wishes!