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Don’t Get Stuck, Why the MBA is Right for You


It’s perfectly normal to feel stagnant at your job. Everyone has had that moment where they ask themselves, is this it? Am I going to be doing this over and over again for the rest of my life? Where do I go from here? You’re stuck! Maybe you feel trapped in your role at work but know that you can do more. That you can do better and excel in something bigger – something more!

I am a huge believer in education. I am what I call a “learn to work” person. I gain confidence in my understanding through learning about things then take that new knowledge and use it to sparkle and wow in my work place. I believe that if you give someone the tools to be successful that the potential is unlimited. This is why I am doing my MBA.


Master the GMAT in 5 Simple Steps


The dreaded GMAT is enough to have any MBA applicant get the shivers. It can haunt your dreams but it can also be your saving grace for getting into your dream school.

Before you begin jumping into all that is the GMAT, follow these five steps to success.

1. Figure out what you don’t know

Take your first step and complete your first practice exam. I would suggest taking one of the free exams from GMAC as their exams are the closest to the real thing. This will create a starting point for you and will help you grasp what you’re about to get yourself into. Outside of the AWA/essay section, you’ll get a score of where you are starting at.

Don’t worry if you’re far off from your desired score. This is all about getting your feet wet. The great part of a GMAC exam is that it allows you to review your incorrect answers and also will show you which categories you scored less in, whether it be fractions, sentence correction or integrated reasoning.

2. Create a study plan