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30 before 30 – The bucket list



Truth be told I wasn’t thrilled for my 25th birthday. My entire life I had dreamt about my champagne birthday; turning 24 on the 24th, with all the glitz and glamour a girl could want. But 24? What’s fancy about that number. In my mind a whole lot of nothing, other than it is smack dab in the middle between 20 and 30.

With it being a few months into my 25th year, I can say that it isn’t that bad (so far). Since I’ve turned 25 I have had bridal showers, an awesome bachelorette party, married a handsome stud and travelled to Europe (among many other things). So maybe 25 was more than I thought it would be cracked up to be.

With the countdown started to 30, I thought it would be a great challenge to tackle some of those things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve created a bucket list for my 30 before 30. Here it is.