>> Advice & Assistance for the inspired career woman

It’s Promising provides one on one consulting services catered to helping you achieve your career goals. Whether its switching careers, applying for a new job, growing your business, interested in an MBA or wanting to improve your personal branding – we have the support for you.

Resume Reset

Have our recruitment experts help you brand and write powerful content to make the best version of you appear on your resume.

incl. bragging rights worksheet, content session & revisions

Rock that Interview

Do you have a looming interview? Learn key strategies to calmly and confidently respond to interview questions and how to communicate with intention.

incl. prep worksheet, 2 practice interview, 1 feedback session

When I grow up...

Having trouble decided your next move? Work with the team at It’s Promising to identify the key things that make you happy. Use our program to help you uncover your true talents and help you create goals to get you to your dream career.

incl. 4 week identify program, 2 coaching sessions

Your Brand at its Best

Work with industry specialists to ensure that your  brand sparkles at its best. Some services we offer include:
  • Business Marketing & Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Event Planning
  • Campaign Direction + Design

Get me in – MBA prep

So you know you want to get your MBA? Great! Work with our team to create an application strategy from start to finish, highlighting your strengths and communicating out of your opportunities. Let us work together to help you achieve GMAT success and get through the steps of the MBA application process.

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Schedule an hour to get some advice or ask questions regarding your pursuit for more in the career world. You can pay as you go. One session at a time.

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