The Easy Way to Get Noticed at Work


Want to get that new promotion? Get recognized for what you do? Getting noticed at work can sometimes be difficult. No matter what industry you are in, there are always things to be done, various priorities and sometimes you can be overlooked. Here are some simple tips for getting noticed at work.

Never miss a deadline


Being consistent and reliable goes a long way in the workplace. Whether you always show up for meeting on time or consistently do what is asked for you – standing out by being effective is a great thing.

Continue your consistency by always meeting your deadlines. When you are assigned a project or told to do something, take a moment before you begin to plan out your time to ensure it will be completed ahead of schedule. Planning your time will allow for unexpected hiccups in your timeline and will help you layout all the aspects of the project at hand.

Be transparent


Communicating at work is like that of communicating in a relationship. Some people just won’t know what you’re doing or where you are at in something unless you share your progress. Send an update email, or step into your boss’ office before you head out for the evening and give an ‘elevator pitch’ style update. Where are you at, what are you working on and how far is left to go – keep them in the loop. If you don’t understand something well enough to move forward, ask the right questions. This transparency will give your boss the confidence and awareness of your work status and they will love not being the one chasing you down.

Whenever possible, exceed expectations


I have heard the concept of ‘undercommit and over deliver’ hundreds of times. As an employee that reports to more than one person, depending on the project, this statement could not be more true. When you over-deliver for your boss and exceed their expectations (try consistently) you will most definitely stand out. If you find yourself in a place where you’re not sure how to go above and beyond in your work, ask the question. ‘Hi Bob [the boss], in what ways do you think I can take this assignment to the next level? I would really like to show my passion for what I am working on.” Wow – what a question! Exceeding the expected will help you stand out at work.

Take this and run with it. Start implementing a plan at work to meet these three points and you’ll be on your way you gaining more recognition and attention for your commitment to what you do. You’re boss will be happy with your transparency and eagerness to excel at your job and that promotion will be closer than you think.

>> Tell me about your success! What things have you done in the past that helped you get your last promotion?

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